HDD/SSD Wipe & Recovery


Are you worried about your old data sitting on old HDDs? Or want to start completely fresh? That is where we can help. We provide a DataWipe service to prevent your files from being recoverable. Below are the steps involved:

  • Secure DataWipe Off-site​​

  • The HDD/SSD will go through a sequence of data wipes

    • Three full wipes of the HDD/SSD using a certified data wipe program​

  • Once the DataWipe process has been completed - The HDD/SSD will be re-used or destroyed in safely.

$15/per HDD/SSD

Blocks of



From a

Single Block

To start off the recovery of your memories...

PC HDD/SSD DataRecovery

Have you deleted a document and need it recovered? With our hassle free recovery solution for you, we can attempt to recover what you lost or get your money back!

  • Two options:

    • Fast and Relief Free - Recover most important files On-Site 

    • Extensive Search - Recover most / all files Off-Site

Advice for successful recovery:

If a file has been recently lost/deleted, immediately stop using the PC to increase the chances of recovery. For best results, the system needs to be disconnected from the internet and turned off to prevent overwritten of data.


From $99 / hour

HDD/SSD Data wipe & recovery

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